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Elevator Consulting

The Elevator Consultants offers tailored services to meet your specific elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs, and have been doing so for over 20 years. There is so much changing in this industry, its important to be kept up to speed. Allow us to share our expertise.

Elevator Due Diligence

Due diligence evaluations are extremely wise cost-saving practices when making a purchase or selling a building. Make sure to touch base with us to get a feel for how much money we can save you.

Elevator Service & Equipment Audit

Every building has equipment that is unique to each building. Conducting an elevator equipment audit can ensure that the equipment is being properly maintained, it is up to code for all Authorities Having Jurisdiction including ADA.

Elevator Modernization

Upgrading current equipment according to industry innovation, safety and your specific needs to allow for a satisfying, long term capital investment.

Elevator New Construction & Design

When developing a building or installing an elevator in an existing structure, having the proper specifications is critical.

Additional Services

Traffic analysis, project management, rescuing projects, contract reviews, contract negotiations, and bid analysis are just a few of the other services offered by The Elevator Consultants.

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