Elevator Insurance Claims

Whether you are an insurance company, a building manager or owner, or anyone involved in an elevator insurance claim, dispute, or even litigation, we can help.

As with all complex mechanical systems, things happen. Vertical transportation insurance claims are common and we are experts in determining, on a technical level, what is covered in the elevator insurance policy, and what is not. Each incident is unique and we can serve as independent elevator insurance experts to put our technical expertise to use for you.

Elevator Insurance Claims are Technical

An Act of God, vandalism, misuse, or an accident can all result in an insurance claim or dispute. Our decades of experience allow us to be the independent elevator advisor you need to provide expert analysis of the facts and the insurance documentation.

We also provide advice regarding the industry standard repair costs and can oversee the elevator repair company to confirm they are doing quality work that is within acceptable cost parameters. Don’t navigate an elevator insurance claim blindly or pay for repairs without a full evaluation. As an independent elevator consultant and elevator expert, we can evaluate the incident, the insurance, and the recommended or required elevator, escalator, or moving walkway repairs.

The Elevator Consultants experience with insurance claims follows a methodology to provide a clear picture of the situation and its repercussions. An elevator insurance claim requires a very detailed analysis, following industry standards, and resulting in a clear, proactive conclusion.