Elevator Insurance Claims

The reality is that there are elevator insurance claims or vertical transportation insurance claims; things happen, so to speak, whether to elevators or escalators or other forms of vertical transportation. Whether you are an insurance company, a building manager or owner, or anyone involved in an elevator insurance situation, dispute, or even litigation, we can help.

elevator insurance claims, disputes, due diligenceOften times, we consult by reviewing an elevator insurance policy to determine – at a technical level – what’s covered, and what isn’t, and compare that with any incident that may have happened. In an elevator insurance claim or possible elevator insurance dispute, we can serve as independent elevator insurance experts to help at a technical level with everything elevator.

Commonalities of Elevator Insurance Claims

Whether the situation is an Act of God, vandalism, misuse or just an accident, if an elevator insurance claim is involved, you can be sure that the elevator insurance claim or potential elevator insurance dispute can be technical. You need an outside, independent technical elevator insurance expert to both analyze the facts and to analyze the insurance documentation.

We can also give advice in an insurance situation as to the industry standard repair costs, and oversee the elevator repair company to verify that they are doing both quality work and work that is within acceptable cost parameters. Don’t dispute an elevator insurance blindly, and if you are the insurer, don’t just pay for elevator repairs after an elevator incident blindly. An independent elevator consultant or elevator expert can evaluate the incident, the insurance, and the recommended or required elevator repairs. All of this goes, as well, for all forms of vertical transportation such as escalators or people movers.

When any elevator insurance situations arises, it is imperative to use elevator experts that have the experience and know how to provide a professional opinion. The Elevator Consultants experience with insurance claims follows a methodology which provides a clear picture of the situation and the repercussions of the situation. An elevator insurance claim requires a very detailed analysis to come to a conclusion. When doing an elevator insurance claim it is critical to understand how to get the equipment back to the order it was before the situation occurred, evaluate what happened and why, look at costs and repairs, and make sure that everything done is according to elevator industry standards and best practices.