The Elevator Consultants was established in Chicago to service clients who have elevator and escalator consulting needs within the vertical transportation industry. Since the very beginning, our business purpose is to bring elevator, escalator and moving walkway expertise to our clients. Our approach is to guarantee that we will always do what is in the best interest of our clients; building owners, property managers, insurance companies, attorneys, facility managers, etc. We always keep safety as the number one component while servicing the needs of the building.

We provide detailed specifications and reporting to validate our findings, making certain that the equipment situation is being handled in the safest, most professional way possible. Properties have significantly improved their elevator, escalator and moving walkway operations with our guidance and counseling. While working with our clients, we always consider their suggestions just to ensure that the final result exceeds their expectations.

We have carved a niche through solely working for our clients, solving their needs, saving costs and exceeding deliverables.