The Elevator Consultants (TEC) is an independent elevator consulting firm specializing in vertical transportation analysis. TEC is one of the most well-renowned vertical transportation consultants in the country and we have earned that regard by providing individualized, thoughtful service to meet our clients’ specific needs and exceed expectations. We routinely save our clients thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars by identifying potential expenses and opportunities, and optimizing performance and efficiency. TEC reduces building cost in 100% of our engagements and provides building owners and managers the oversight and control they need for smooth and safe equipment operation.

TEC offers tailored services and software solutions to meet your elevator, escalator, and moving walkway needs. We leverage decades of experience, proprietary technology, and industry-leading methods to advocate for building owners to help them reduce costs, improve services, mitigate risk, and increase property value — with safety as our first priority.

TEC works with clients from around the globe to solve their issues while providing advice and guidance about specific building requirements and equipment systems. Since the very beginning, our purpose has been to advocate for buildings and their teams, providing the in-depth vertical transportation expertise that allows the building team to make smart decisions about one of the largest assets. We are dedicated to working in the best interests of our clients, comprised of building owners, property managers, insurance companies, attorneys, facility managers, and anyone else who needs to understand the complex world of elevator maintenance and compliance.The Elevator Consultants Reviews

If you are in need of expert counsel on any issue related to vertical transportation — elevators, escalators, moving walkways, lifts, dumbwaiters, and more — reach out to us for a free consultation today.

You need a partner:

  • With the knowledge and experience necessary to empower you with the analysis needed to make forward-thinking business decisions for your building.
  • Armed with the technology to streamline your efforts to monitor, manage, and maintain your elevator equipment.
  • Who listens to your specific needs and concerns and keeps your best interests at heart.

The Elevator Consultants is that partner. Call us today!