The elevator industry is constantly changing, with the main driving force behind its evolution being technology. Elevator companies are always creating new methods of equipment engineering and design. In such a fast-paced industry, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with these constant innovations. Fortunately, The Elevator Consultants provide cutting-edge technology solutions in conjunction with their services. These technology-based products take the mystique out of any given building’s equipment and provide the client with total transparency and the tools to hold their service provider totally accountable to the terms and conditions of their service agreement.

ElevatorApp is a proprietary, third-party software offered by The Elevator Consultants. The ElevatorApp saves cost, protects your assets and makes your building safer by automating, tracking and monitoring elevator maintenance services, safety code requirements, inspections, testing and various other charges associated with your elevators. The software as a service application designed for your specific building which allows you to view information about your elevator services, saving you money and time.