TEC Scholarship

Here at The Elevator Consultants, we value the importance of education and realize how crucial it is to succeed in contemporary society. Concurrently, we understand how costly a proper education can be. Between the cost of tuition, textbooks, lodging, meal plans and the like, the overall price of learning can be almost too much to bear for many people. Therefore, The Elevator Consultants (TEC) are pleased to offer a $1000 scholarship to any students currently enrolled in college (undergraduate or graduate school) or about to enroll. One scholarship award will be awarded per year. We would like to extend a helping hand and work to relieve some financial stress off the shoulders of a committed, hard-working student.

In order to qualify for the TEC Annual Scholarship, candidates must:
1. Be currently enrolled or about to enroll in undergrad or graduate school.
2. Majoring in a technical degree, such as science, engineering, architecture, physics, computer, and the like.
3. Submit your name, school, major, and concise “About Me” section with your essay.
4. All submissions should be sent to info@theelevatorconsultant.com.

The deadline is June 1, 2023.

The Elevator Consultants extensively utilize technology throughout the course of business within the vertical transportation industry. Technology, now more than ever before, is constantly evolving and changing the way we all live our lives. In order to apply for the scholarship, candidates must submit an essay, no longer than 1000 words, on one of the following topics:

Explain the way(s) in which evolving technology has significantly affected your life.
Where would you like to see technology evolve in the future? What areas would you like to see it extend towards?

From the total pool of candidates, we will choose a total of three (3) finalists. The finalists will then be notified of their standing in the ultimate tier. The President of the company will then read through the essays and determine the awardee of the scholarship. Good luck and we look forward to reading your essays!