Elevator Maintenance Contract

Elevator Maintenance Service Contracts are critical to every building that has an elevator, escalator or moving walkway ensuring that they are all serviced appropriately is key to buildings.

Some maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance Contract Audit
  • Equipment Audit
  • Maintenance Contract Specifications
  • Maintenance Contract Bid Management

Elevator Modernization

Modernizing an elevator, escalator or moving walkway is a process that must be met with an experienced consultant.

New Construction, Design & Installation Elevator Specification

When developing a building or installing an elevator in an existing structure, having the proper specifications is critical.

Elevator Due Diligence

When acquiring a new property, performing equipment due diligence will uncover the condition of the equipment, needed code upgrades, repairs and overall condition and life of the asset.

Expert Testimony & Evaluation

When the time arises for an expert to help with legal and insurance cases, The Elevator Consultant has the experience needed to make your case or justify your claim.

Elevator Inspections

All elevators, escalators and moving walkways must be inspected during their time period to meet these code requirements.

Elevator Repair & Upgrades

If an elevator needs a repair and you are uncertain of the correct cost and action, we can help your bottom line with a detailed and competitive cost estimate.