Elevator Modernization

The goal of an elevator modernization is to protect your investment, increase safety, decrease cost and repairs and surpass tenant, client or visitor experience. Our strategy in any project that involves elevator modernization from the process to the scope to the final turnover involves a realistic evaluation of the building’s goals. We review the plan with all stakeholders for the project in conjunction with industry best practices, experience, authority having jurisdiction code requirements, feasibility and foresight of the overall plan. In the process, The Elevator Consultants will provide constant hands on management with the project team providing open communication resulting in a safe, successful, on time and on budget elevator modernization project.

Elevator Modernization: the Process

The Elevator Consultants elevator modernization process includes a detailed needs analysis to determine what pieces of equipment will be utilized, retained or improved upon. With safety at the forefront, this analysis has been demonstrated to meet the client’s budgetary limits and time frame. A complete feasibility study and survey is then conducted which provides a comprehensive evaluation of the building and working conditions. The project specifications or elevator modernization scope of work are then created with parameters that guarantee an improvement in the current operation challenges that the building maybe incurring. A bid process is initiated and is partnered with the required bid documentation. After bids are received by both parties, an extensive bid analysis is conducted and professional recommendations are performed based on the goals of the building.

The Elevator Consultants continually utilize detailed and professional project management throughout the entire process of any elevator modernization. Our team approach is unique to use and benefits all aspect of the project from start to finish. The client is provided with constant de-briefing about the modernization specifications and a punch list (or “elevator modernization checklist”) evaluation until project completion is provided in a turn-key fashion.

The Elevator Consultants utilizes various elevator technologies throughout the process to track the project and confirm the specification is being met by the elevator contractor. One technology is the use of the ElevatorApp allows all parties to see the status of the project at a click of a button.

When or if you are exploring any type of elevator modernization, reach out to us for an initial consultation. No two elevator modernization projects are the same, not in the scope of work, not in the process, and not in the cost. By diving into the details can we work, together, towards the highest ROI from your vertical transportation modernization.