ElevatorApp™: Elevator Monitoring Software

The ElevatorApp™ automates in real-time the monitoring and tracking of the buildings elevator maintenance service contract, changes and charges associated with your equipment. The ElevatorApp™ collects Maintenance Control Program (MCP), service and callback data for code compliancy, transparency to your elevator service provider contract and critical data needed for code and inspection. The reporting, automated alerts and aggregated equipment data is delivered to ownership and management any electronic device. Download the Free ElevatorApp™ from the iPhone App store or Google Play Store Get it on Google Play. Finally an elevator monitoring software for the building.

The Elevator Consultants created the ElevatorApp™ (www.tecaio.com), Elevator AIO™ , and Facility AIO™ (www.tecaio.com) software to empower building owners and property managers with data about their equipment - elevator, escalators, dumbwaiters, and lifts. This innovative remote elevator service monitoring software was developed to protect your assets and make your building safer by automating, tracking and monitoring the elevator maintenance services, safety code requirements, and charges associated with your elevators and escalators.

The elevator maintenance tracking software provides full visibility of the elevator service provider’s courses of action while onsite. The services for the elevators (or escalators) are logged in real time and stored within the software’s database. This information is protected and remotely accessible by the building owner or property manager and can be processed through numerous filters at the discretion of the user. The software follows all industry best practices to comply with ASME A17.1 maintenance control program.

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More about the ElevatorApp™ – Innovative Elevator Monitoring Software

remote elevator monitoring softwareThe information capable of being generated by the ElevatorApp™ & Elevator AIO™ empowers building owners and property managers with limitless resources to hold their elevator service provider accountable to the services that they are contractually obliged to perform. The information provided by this software eliminates unnecessary repairs or premature modernization, callbacks and callback charges as well as traveling costs, invoice padding, obsolesces and other potential code violations. This elevator monitoring software also monitors deferred maintenance while ensuring contract compliance, receiving maintenance paid for, and extension of asset life.

Utilizing this innovative remote elevator software monitoring software, the elevator service provider is held accountable and the building yield higher returns, reliability and safety. In summary, our elevator software is a tool for an independent, outside flow of data about what’s happening with your elevators, your elevator maintenance, and your overall history of your equipment. The Elevator Consultants is utilizing new internet of things (IoT) technology and applications; the ElevatorApp and a new module the FacilityAIO give clients cutting edge information on their equipment.