Elevator Consultants & Vertical Transportation Consulting: Reduce Cost & Mitigate Risk In Buildings

Elevator Consulting

Elevator Consultants

The Elevator Consultants offers tailored services and software solutions to meet your specific elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs, and have been doing so for decades. The industry is evolving with new technology, elevator code changes, and companies consolidating making it challenging to be kept up to speed. The Elevator Consultants brings our expertise to you and your unique building needs.

Elevator Due Diligence

Elevator Due Diligence Saves Cost

Due diligence evaluations for elevators, escalators and all forms of vertical transportation expose areas of elevator or escalator cost neglect and code requirements when purchasing or selling a building. Conducting a simple elevator due diligence has proven to be remarkably financial returns when buying a property.  Our elevator experts conduct elevator due diligence to protect you and your building.

Elevator Audits

Elevator Audits save money

An elevator audit means that our expert consultants will examine your vertical transportation whether it is an elevator audit, escalator audit, lift audit, moving walkway audit, conveyance audit, whatever the unit. The Elevator Consultants will make sure it’s up to ASME A17.1 code for the “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” including ADA compliance, performance standards, and industry best practices, as required.

Elevator Modernization

Elevator Modernization Needed

With elevator performance and efficiency being paramount, an elevator modernization audit and recommendations are maybe needed. An elevator modernization is a large investment for any building therefore ensuing al proper measures are taken is paramount. Our in-depth expertise and unique methodology provides data which will allow our clients to make sound decisions to upgrade their equipment.

Elevator New Construction

Elevators and Escalators for new construction

Whether you’re involved in the construction of a new building, adding a new elevator, our experts can help with the elevator or escalator new construction services. Our detailed Phases from Schematic Design to Construction Administration are written for developers, architects, and building owners for a project to be delivered within budget and on schedule. Using the ElevatorApp gives insight to the real time status of the project.

Additional Services

Elevator and escalator consulting

Invoice reconciliation, elevator insurance claims or elevator management services , traffic analysis, project management, rescuing projects, contract reviews, contract negotiations, and bid analysis are just a few of the other services offered by The Elevator Consultants. For elevator consulting, vertical transportation consulting, or lift consulting, the Elevator Consultants are the experts for your building.

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