Vertical Transportation Consulting

In modern buildings, vertical transportation includes elevators and escalators plus conveyances such as moving walkways, lifts, and dumbwaiters. As you can see, vertical transportation represents a valuable building asset and also requires a large amount of time, energy and cost. Managing this asset properly is critical to a solid bottom line. Many building owners, property managers, facility managers, and engineers are justifiably concerned about cost, performance, and safety, and realize quickly that they need help.

As an independent vertical transportation consultant – that’s what we do best. The Elevator Consultants offers vertical transportation consulting on all systems and provides expert services across the entire platform of vertical transportation units to meet your building’s needs.

Much like an elevator system, all modes of vertical transportation require regular preventative maintenance service in order to ensure the highest level of safety and uninterrupted operation. All ASME A17.1 code requirements must be followed as well as additional Authority Having Jurisdiction requirements. Planning and execution can be complicated and knowing the specific codes requires expertise.

Consulting Services

When a vertical transportation firm, such as The Elevator Consultants, is engaged they represent the building owner’s best interest. The Elevator Consultants works for ownership to address the building or portfolio’s goals and needs.

Some services include:

  • Elevator modernizations
  • Due diligence for acquisition and disposition
  • Maintenance bid specifications
  • Elevator audits
  • New design specifications
  • Traffic analysis
  • Code compliance plus ADA evaluation and compliance

The Elevator Consultants services prolong equipment life, reduce cost while increasing safety. Everything is performed according to industry best practices.

The result in a rapid ROI for services rendered.

Next Steps

When an organization owns multiple buildings in different cities or countries, it can be difficult to get a handle on costs, understand the currents state of the equipment, and develop a plan that keeps safety in mind and prolongs the equipment’s life. A contract with a vertical transportation consulting firm addresses your concerns as we focus on reducing costs and monitoring maintenance service providers. Peace of mind comes from having an expert advocate who works with you to ensure contracted services are being performed, and costs presented to owners are in line with industry norms and best practices.

Reach out today for a consultation. With offices throughout the United States, our elevator experts serve the globe.

With decades of vertical transportation consulting experience the The Elevator Consultants can help.