Building Owners

Building owners use The Elevator Consultants for many services ranging from the development of a new building to the maintenance of a century old historical landmark. There are numerous different services that we offer that can help building owners increase safety, mitigate risk, control costs and ultimately increase the value of their property. We help when a building is to be purchased or sold by providing a due diligence audit. A due diligence audit tells the prospective buyer or current owner what the elevator equipment is worth and how long it will work favorably. This information can help the potential buyer leverage and/or save money using our audit.

We also help owners get the services they paid for and avoid deferred costs to their elevator machinery. This can be done by conducting a service and equipment audit, invoice reconciliation, or a change in maintenance contracts. The Elevator Consultants oversee the entire bidding process of a new maintenance contract from start to finish. This includes creating project specifications that are entirely in favor of the building and its equipment and putting the contract out to bid. We have vast experience in negotiating terms and conditions to be beneficial for the building owner(s) and eliminating detrimental clarifications.