Elevator Repair & Upgrades

Elevator component repairs and upgrades can be extremely expensive. Often times, these repairs and upgrades are unexpected as they become necessary after a part of the elevator system breaks or fails (which is commonly referred to as “reactive maintenance” or “break-fix maintenance”). An elevator service provider will tell you which part has broken and needs replacement and how much the cost of material and labor will be. What they likely won’t tell you, however, is that this particular repair is already covered in your maintenance contract.

Certain upgrades and repairs that are quoted at upwards of $70,000 could actually be performed at no cost to the customer. Our seasoned experts can review any and all repair quotes received from the elevator service provider, cross-reference them with the maintenance contract, and determine the best course of action to have the repairs or upgrades performed with the greatest cost benefit to the customer. These services yield immense cost-saving results and empower ownership and management to hold their elevator service providers accountable for the work they perform on the property.