Elevator New Construction & Installation

The Elevator Consultants are here to help with the process of installing an elevator, escalator, or moving walkway into an existing or new building. We help builders, architects, property managers, and many other parties who participate in the installation. As experts in the elevator industry, our team is a powerful addition to any group of engineers or architects who are designing a new building from the ground up, installing a new elevator into an existing building, or updating existing equipment with an elevator modernization project.

new elevator construction and installationAs a top elevator consulting firm we are a valuable resource for design and new construction for all types of vertical transportation (traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, escalators, lifts, and more). We consider your goals for the building and tenants, plus elevator volume, when determining vertical transportation needs and the best plan to implement.

The Elevator Consultants are up-to-date with elevator, escalator, and moving walkway innovations. We lead the industry in technology, design, green initiatives, and regulations – which makes for a smoothly run project. We are a powerful asset for your architecture and engineering (A/E) design teams and can help with all aspects of elevator installation, including code compliance and industry best practices.

Detailed Elevator Design Analysis

The Elevator Consultants’ Design and New Construction Process begins with a detailed needs analysis, which helps determine what equipment is most appropriate for the building. We consider requests and requirements from the developer, architect, and owner. This analysis includes a comprehensive feasibility study and traffic analysis. It also includes an evaluation of the proposed equipment and building conditions. Mechanical, structural, and electrical loads are all considered and the best equipment to suit the building is outlined.

We prepare the required bid documentation and conduct a clear, concise bid process to accomplish the first stage in selecting a contractor. A comprehensive bid breakdown is then compiled, complete with recommendations and additional analytic information to help determine the best bid. Once a contractor is in place, we oversee and manage the project from start to finish so that the elevator work is completed in a turn-key fashion.

Engineer, Architect, Developer: Save Time and Cost with an Elevator Expert

Because elevators are a major energy and cost center in any modern building, smart developers are including elevator consultants early in the design phase. This ensures the project, whether  new construction or the revitalization of an existing building, has the necessary expertise to make the vertical transportation system flawless.