Elevator Audits

An elevator audit, or vertical transportation audit, can contain many components – from simple to complex. Some examples include an elevator maintenance audit, a maintenance condition assessment, a performance and equipment evaluation, a survey, an asset management review, and equipment audit or evaluation, or even a preventative service audit.

We focus on understanding the clients’ needs first, and then develop an approach to address them. Once we have gathered the necessary information, we focus on determining the state of the equipment, the types of necessary repairs and, if applicable, whether an elevator modernization, new maintenance agreement, or additional preventative maintenance is in order.

Throughout the process, we focus on industry safety standards, current code details, elevator usage, the current maintenance state of the building, plus equipment age, type, and reliability.

Elevator Audit Results

elevator auditAn elevator audit determines how the elevator system as a whole is being serviced and maintained. This includes a thorough review of the building’s current elevator maintenance plan, existing service contracts, and elevator equipment. Audits consistently result in better performance and service.

In 100% of The Elevator Consultants engagements we find areas to improve, which favorably impacts the building’s bottom line and improves asset value and safety.

Technology and Methodology

The Elevator Consultants uses advanced technology and proven methods to perform onsite elevator audits. We use industry best practices, which we were often the first to develop, to ensure all bases are covered and the full system is reviewed.

An elevator audit, or vertical transportation condition assessment, can take different paths because every building is unique. Our proven elevator consulting approach is to analyze current building needs and find areas of opportunity. In some cases, clients want us to confirm their management process or provide a snapshot of the equipment status. In other cases, we are asked to develop a clear picture of elevator capital expenditures and whether the existing service contracts are robust enough.

Our focus is to use technology and expertise to discover opportunities to improve elevator costs, earnings, safety and overall value.

Return on Investment Opportunities

Building managers, owners, facility managers, malls, campuses, hotels, and investors know that a safe, well-run vertical transportation system is essential to building safety and operational cost. And we know this too – so we put your needs at the forefront of any audit. The Elevator Consultants understands that asset value and tenant safety go hand in hand. We also understand that smart businesses seek to maximize the long-term ROI on equipment by making sound decisions about elevator management, elevator maintenance, repairs, addressing deferred maintenance, and potential elevator modernization.

Even if an elevator system is fairly new, The Elevator Consultants’ elevator audit process can find room for improvement in current productivity and the associated elevator cost. A vertical transportation maintenance audit may well reveal an imbalance between services and cost, or perhaps that the current management process has not been vigilant enough in keeping up with ASME A17.1 standards. Our goal is to find the best strategy to address areas of loss and turn them into an opportunity for gain. Our vertical transportation consulting reports have more often than not moved clients in a profitable direction. Let us achieve this for your building.


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