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The Elevator Consultants (TEC) is an independent elevator consulting firm specializing in vertical transportation analysis and consulting customized to meet the building and clients goals and needs.

We are the Elevator Consultants Who Dig Deep

elevator consultingMost people believe that the standard elevator inspections give the building a clean bill of health and in essence it is ONLY one piece in elevator management. The inspections do not provide buildings with the “bigger picture” of elevator management. Ending the review at a clean safety and compliance record is a short-sighted strategy. We follow all ASME 17.1 elevator and escalator safety codes, but we don’t stop there. We look at the current and future cost of the equipment to protect your property. It is our job to keep going and evaluate your best interests for both the long and short term.

Unlike an elevator inspectors, The Elevator Consultants consider how a vertical transportation system affects an entire building, the tenants, your portfolio, your investment and your business goals. We conduct services based on your needs. For instance, an elevator audit addresses the holistic management of specific vertical transportation performance and costs. Different buildings can be associated with specific financial risks. For instance, consider a historic office building or a high rise. It could pass inspection, but not offer the best quality option to the public (including your tenants) or to the finances of the building. We dig deeper by conducting understanding your needs and conducting maybe a full elevator performance analysis, evaluate the current design and/or understand the current maintenance and costs. When we come back to you, the results are the product of a thoughtful and thorough examination using industry best practices, code compliancy and business acumen.

A building, whether owned by a REIT portfolio, investor, condo association, major company, campus, hotel, mall, etc. can have escalating vertical transportation equipment costs that can quickly affect the bottom line. On the flip side, making sure you are taking the appropriate proactive measures to protect your investment are critical for building operational costs and safety. Elevators may not be considered an asset to some, but if not properly evaluated and maintained, they can become a liability.

Elevator Consulting: Next Steps

Often times, large organizations that own multiple buildings or perhaps REITS (Real Estate Trusts) that are involved with multiple buildings in different cities or countries are looking to reduce their costs, and contract with an elevator consulting firm for a professional opinion concerning issues relating to their elevators. Working to reduce costs is one example; having tenants complain, failed inspections, or equipment downtime. The building owner is in need of an advocate who will work for them to solve their building needs.

If you or your organization are looking for an elevator consultant or elevator consulting firm, reach out to us, today, for a consultation. With offices in Chicago, our elevator experts serve the United States and Canada and are a truly global consulting firm. Whether you call it elevator consulting, the search for a true elevator expert, or vertical transportation expertise, we can help.

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