Elevator Consulting

The Elevator Consultants (TEC) is an independent elevator consulting firm specializing in vertical transportation analysis. Our goal is to provide customized recommendations to meet the building’s needs and the client’s bottom line.

We are The Elevator Consultants and We Dig Deep

elevator consultingMost people believe that elevator management involves simply scheduling standard elevator inspections and counting on them to give the building a clean bill of health. But elevator management has much more depth.

Standard inspections are just the tip of the iceberg and do not provide buildings with the “bigger picture”, such as critical proactive strategies to keep repairs and costs down. Settling for a clean safety and compliance record is a short-sighted strategy in a multi-dimensional system.

At the Elevator Consultants we follow all ASME 17.1 elevator and escalator safety codes, but we don’t stop there. We look at the current and future equipment cost to protect your property. It is our job to dig deep and evaluate your best interests for both the long and short term.

The Elevator Consultants dig deep by:

  • Considering how the vertical transportation system affects an entire building – the tenants, your portfolio, your investment, and your business goals.
  • Taking your needs into account. An elevator audit addresses the holistic management of specific vertical transportation performance and its costs.
  • Addressing specific financial risks. For instance, in a historic office building or a high rise the elevator system could pass inspection, but not offer the best quality option to the public (including your tenants) or address the building’s finances.
  • Conducting a full elevator performance analysis that evaluates the current design and maintenance using industry best practices, code compliancy and business expertise.
  • Providing you results you need to make informed decisions for the building as a whole.

Any building, whether owned by a REIT portfolio, investor, condo association, hospital, major company, campus, hotel, mall, and so forth, can have escalating vertical transportation equipment costs that can quickly affect the bottom line. On the flip side, taking the appropriate proactive measures to protect your investment is critical for a building’s operational costs and safety.

Elevators are a critical asset but, if not properly evaluated and maintained, can become a liability.

Elevator Consulting – Next Steps

Smart organizations are always searching for ways to manage the cost of doing business. Large investors, developers, and REITS (Real Estate Trusts) often own or manage multiple buildings in different cities or countries and may struggle to get a handle on their elevator contracts, service providers, and repair costs.

We at The Elevator Consultants are an advocate for owners, manager, and investors. We work for you to ensure safe elevators and escalators by recommending proactive maintenance practices and holding service providers to their contractual obligations.

If you are looking to manage costs and improve you elevator management, reach out to us today for a consultation. Our elevator experts are truly a global consulting firm and we can help.

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