Hospital Elevator Consulting & Modernization

The Elevator Consultants provide planning and design services to keep hospitals running smoothly. Our expertise is listening to the customer and identifying the solution that best works for their elevator needs. Elevator systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are critical for doctors, patients, family, and staff. Elevator maintenance, upgrades, and modernization are crucial and require a proactive approach. We help hospitals and others in the healthcare industry to stay efficient, safe and cost-effective.

We have the ability to improve maintenance procedures and control costs for single hospitals, and we can also apply these services to nationwide healthcare systems. Our elevator consulting services will immediately improve efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Equipment Audit and Recommendations

hospital elevator consultantThe Elevator Consultants offer services that greatly benefit hospitals and healthcare systems. Elevator and vertical transportation audits are a quick and cost-effective way of holding the elevator service provider accountable for the services and maintenance they are contractually obliged to perform. A comprehensive “punch list” of deficient equipment and required maintenance is generated from the onsite audit and is sent to the service provider.

The Elevator Consultants then manage the rectification of each punch list item and ensure that it is completed based on industry standards. The audit report we generate includes a clear snapshot of each piece of equipment and ultimately makes the elevator service provider’s work transparent to you.

If you are in the hospital or healthcare industry, and are looking for an elevator company with hospital and healthcare expertise, we can help. Our goal is to represent the interests of the hospital or healthcare institution so that your elevators and all your vertical transportation assets are running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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