Maintenance Consulting

The elevator service provider will present a maintenance service contract to building.  The maintenance contract it is written on the elevator service provider’s paper with terms and conditions that are all in favor of the elevator service provider. The terms and conditions include clarifications like obsolescence, no out or cancellation clause, ambiguity on the service the equipment is going to be receiving (using non-specific terms like “systemically,” “periodically” and “in our sole discretion”) and/or no set onsite hours terms. The type of Maintenance they will be receiving is not defined nor are the parts that are covered under the agreement. The elevator service provider will try and insert terms and conditions after negotiations which go unnoticed 95% of the time. The Building Owner or Property Manager wants a contract that is written to protect them and the building. The goal of the Building Owner or Property Manager is to control costs, be within budget, maintain the proper life cycle of the equipment and not have unnecessary costs stemming from avoidable repairs or replacements.

The Elevator Consultants help the Building Owner or Property Manager get the correct contract with the proper beneficial terms and conditions for their building’s elevators and escalators. The Elevator Consultants ensure a contract that will hold the elevator service provider accountable. In a maintenance agreement, TEC looks for set fair labor rates, minimum monthly preventative maintenance hours and obsolescence eliminated, among a range of other terms and conditions. The Elevator Consultants have the expertise and industry knowledge to analyze a current contract, identify the flaws, generate detailed project specifications and put the job out to bid. Using The Elevator Consultants will decrease cost from 20-60% per year, increase safety, accountability and transparency.