Maintenance Consulting

All buildings have a maintenance service contract with an elevator service provider. Beware – the maintenance contract’s terms are often vague and difficult to enforce. Some examples of terms and conditions that don’t serve the building’s interest are clauses that prohibit cancellation, don’t outline covered equipment, don’t clarify obsolescence, do not include set onsite hours, and are ambiguous about the exact service the equipment will receive (using non-specific terms like “systemically”, “periodically”, and “at our sole discretion”).

The Elevator Consultants have the expertise and industry knowledge to analyze a current contract, identify its flaws, generate detailed project specifications, and put the job out to bid. Hire us to decrease your costs from 20-60% per year, increase safety, and improve accountability and transparency.

Building owners and property managers need contracts that are written to protect their investment and the building. They need contracts that help them control costs, stay within budget, maintain the proper equipment life cycle, plus avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements.

The Elevator Consultants are here to help. We make sure you receive a solid contract with terms and conditions that are beneficial to the building’s elevators and escalators. A contract that can hold the elevator service provider accountable. During the review and negotiations, TEC looks for set fair labor rates, minimum monthly preventative maintenance hours, and obsolescence eliminated, and other requirements unique to your building.