In the complex world of building management, modernizing an elevator is often seen as a complex crucial task. While some building owners and managers might consider handling the bid process themselves to save costs, the intricacies involved typically make this a challenging endeavor. Exploring the feasibility of a DIY approach to elevator modernization bids is […]

Elevator Issues Are Common– And What You Can Do About It

As a building owner or property manager, you’ve likely faced the frustration of dealing with elevator issues. Complaints such as “My elevator service provider isn’t showing up,” “The elevator is down again,” or “Why am I getting invoices for services I don’t understand?” are all too common. At The Elevator Consultants, we hear these concerns […]

Top Things Every Building Should Do to Avoid Overtime Callbacks

Overtime callbacks can be a drain on a building’s budget and annoyances, often resulting from issues that could have been prevented with a more proactive approach. To avoid these unnecessary and costly fees, here are a few strategies every building should implement: Track Service Calls and Response Times Keeping a detailed log either on paper […]

Common Elevator Issues

Elevators have become an indispensable part of our daily lives if you are going to any building with more than two stories. An elevator is exposed to daily wear and tear of constant use and in some cases misuse. Maintenance issues can arise, potentially compromising the reliability we’ve come to expect not to mention the […]

Five Strategies Hotels Can Implement to Minimize Elevator Costs and Ensure Flawless Operation

The hotel industry has recently experienced its first decline in revenue per available room (RevPAR) since the post-pandemic era, as reported by Co-Star. In these challenging times, it is crucial for hotel professionals, including investors.. general managers, and asset managers, to optimize their operations and minimize costs. One area that often goes overlooked is elevator […]

Understanding Elevator Parts Obsolescence: Challenges and Solutions

Elevators are an essential part of buildings, ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of people and goods between floors in hospitals, hotels, residents, offices, retail, campus’, and others with elevators and escalators. However, as with any mechanical system, elevators are subject to wear and tear, life cycle and their components can become obsolete over time. […]

How Much Does an Elevator Consultant Cost?

If you own or manage a building with elevators, you may eventually need to hire an elevator consultant. These specialized professionals provide expert advice on elevator maintenance, modernization projects, code compliance, and other elevator-related matters. Whatever elevator concerns, issues and questions you may have about your elevators or escalators a consultant can help. But what […]


WHAT ARE THE PARTS OF AN ELEVATOR? Elevators are complex systems with many critical components working together to ensure smooth and safe vertical transportation. There are several parts, and it will depend on the type of elevator traction, hydraulic and escalator, which also have different types of traction and hydraulic elevators. Some essential parts include: […]

Critical Components of Elevator Modernization Scope of Work: What Every Business Owner Should Know

As a business owner with elevators in your building, understanding the intricacies of an elevator modernization project is crucial.  An elevator modernization enhances the functionality and safety of your building while also improving the user experience for tenants and visitors. There are several critical components of an elevator modernization scope of work, and understanding the […]


In today’s business environment, where elevators and escalators are integral to the functionality of buildings, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of these vertical transportation systems is paramount.  This is where elevator consulting services come into play. Offering a blend of expert advice, strategic oversight, and meticulous audits, these services are crucial for tailoring […]

Mastering Elevator Installation: Expert Tips & Cost Breakdown

In today’s changing market, supply change, and labor changes, understanding the intricate process of installing an elevator requires expertise and knowledge of the elevator industry for a precise implementation within budget and time frame.  These tips illuminate the intricacies of elevator installation, the steps involved, the associated costs, and the essential factors to guarantee a […]

Basic Guide to Commercial Elevators

Commercial elevators play a pivotal role in all buildings, enhancing accessibility and contributing significantly to the overall functionality of commercial properties that move people from one floor to another. As businesses evolve, the need for efficient, reliable vertical transportation systems becomes more apparent, especially in today’s world when properties are being reused, malls are being […]


In the world of vertical transportation, keeping abreast of the myriad of compliance requirements across various jurisdictions is akin to navigating a complex labyrinth. With hundreds of “Authorities Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) each setting its own rules and regulations for elevators, escalators, and lifts, the challenge for property managers and building owners is daunting.  This is […]

The Elevator Dilemma: Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary Elevator Systems for New Construction and Elevator Modernization

Installing Proprietary vs. Non-Proprietary? Building professionals are faced with answering this question when modernizing an elevator just like developers and architects encounter when building a new building.   The debate between proprietary and non-proprietary elevator systems is as pivotal as it is complex.  For building owners, property managers, and developers facing new construction or modernization […]


As buildings age, so do their elevators, bringing to the fore the critical concept of elevator modernization. Elevators play a pivotal role in all buildings, ensuring seamless vertical transportation. The essence of an elevator modernization emerges as a critical endeavor for enhancing the functionality, safety, and potential aesthetics of these vertical transportation systems. This guide […]

ADA Elevator Requirements for Existing Buildings

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a cornerstone in the quest for equal access, ensuring that buildings and services are accessible to everyone. Central to this mission is the focus on elevators in existing buildings, critical components that bridge the gap. The importance of ADA-compliant elevators transcends mere functionality; it embodies the commitment to […]


Elevators are pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of commercial properties. For commercial real estate investors and owners, efficient elevator management is key to minimizing operational costs and enhancing property value. Some strategies can be explored to save on elevator-related expenses, focusing on preventive maintenance, modernization, technological solutions, and stakeholder information.  Implementing these strategies can […]


Hospitals and medical facilities face distinct challenges in managing elevators and escalators, which are crucial for hospital operations and medical office buildings. Given the fragmented nature of hospital operations across multiple locations, including primary and remote medical office buildings, maintaining seamless elevator and escalator operations becomes challenging with locations, year of installation, usage, equipment type, […]


In an era where operational efficiency and cost optimization are not just goals but necessities, understanding and implementing effective elevator management services has become paramount for a wide array of stakeholders.  From commercial real estate investors to hotel general managers and hospital facility directors, the need for streamlined, safe, and efficient vertical transportation systems is […]

Benefits of Consulting an Elevator Expert Before Repairs

As the owner or manager of a building with elevators, one of your top priorities is keeping your elevators running efficiently, safely and reliably. But when problems arise, many owners simply call their elevator service provider right away to fix the issue. While this may seem like the fastest solution, there are usually additional measures […]

Elevator Repair Consultation: Why Expert Advice Matters

As the owner or manager of a building with elevators, one of your top priorities is keeping your elevators running efficiently, safely and reliably. But when problems arise, many owners simply call their elevator service provider right away to fix the issue. While this may seem like the fastest solution, additional measures usually need to […]

Elevator Consulting for Government Agencies: Navigating Accountability and Efficiency

In the realm of government building management, overseeing elevator systems presents a unique set of challenges, intensified by the need for strict compliance and fiscal responsibility. Commonly, government agencies rely on elevator service providers for both maintenance and inspections, a situation that can be likened to “letting the fox watch the henhouse.” This article delves […]

A Game-Changing Elevator Audit for a Nationwide Real Estate Firm

Navigating Elevator Management Across the Country At The Elevator Consultants (TEC), we understand that managing elevators in a diverse portfolio of properties across the country is no easy feat. This was precisely the challenge faced by a nationwide commercial real estate firm, managing 180 units. Regular elevator inspections were failing, and maintenance inefficiencies were causing […]

Transforming Elevator Management – A Major Property Management Company’s Success Story

Elevating Elevator Efficiency and Reliability In the complex world of property management, ensuring the efficient and effective maintenance of elevators is a critical, yet often daunting task. At The Elevator Consultants, we recently partnered with a prominent property management company, overseeing several elevators, to tackle their challenges head-on. Their story is not just a testament […]


Revolutionize Your Building’s Efficiency and Safety with Expert Elevator Oversight In the bustling world of property management, building ownership, and facility management, where every detail counts and every decision impacts your bottom line, elevator maintenance and management often take a backseat – until it becomes a pressing issue. Imagine transforming this overlooked aspect into a […]

ElevatorApp: Elevating Cost Efficiency and Compliance in Challenging Economic Times

In the face of 2023’s challenging economic landscape, commercial property managers, hospitals, retailers, condominium associations, hotels, and others are on a relentless quest to cut costs without compromising service quality or safety. The emergence of elevator monitoring software, such as the ElevatorApp, is proving to be a game-changer. The ElevatorApp offers a technology-driven solution that […]

How Regular Maintenance Can Prolong the Lifespan of Elevators

Elevator maintenance is essential, and it plays a key role to an elevator’s lifespan. Regular maintenance can ensure that elevators, escalators, lifts, and dumbwaiters will continue to operate safely and reliably. Regular maintenance will not only address immediate issues, it will also significantly contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the elevators. Elevator service providers will […]

Elevator Standards: Codes and Standards All Buildings Should Know

Elevators are an essential part of our daily lives, providing convenience and accessibility in buildings of all types. However, without adherence to strict standards, elevators can pose safety risks and limit accessibility for individuals with disabilities. In this article, we will provide some of the most important elevator standards that building owners should consider to […]

Elevator services overcharges

Today it is common for elevator consulting firms to witness several companies being overcharged for elevator services. Overcharges have always been common throughout the years, however in present times – it is a daily occurrence. It has always been common in certain industries, but has become a daily occurrence in all industries – whether it […]

Elevator Industry Trends

The elevator industry is a special industry unlike any other within a building with elevators – whether commercial real estate, hospital, retail, hotel, university, residential apartment and others. It is common for property managers and engineering to feel in the dark about the elevators, escalators and lifts. The building personnel rely on the elevator service […]

Dealing with Elevator Water Damage

Water damage can be a significant problem for building owners, especially when it affects essential systems such as elevators. If your building’s elevator has been exposed to water, it’s crucial to take immediate action to ensure the safety of everyone involved, address the damage, and navigate the insurance process effectively. Here are some important steps […]

Reliability-Centered Maintenance for Elevators in Your Buildings

Elevator cmAs a building owner or property manager, you know the importance of maintaining your elevators in the best condition. Elevators play an essential role in modern buildings, and their fully functional operation is necessary for the safety and comfort of users. However, more than traditional maintenance methods may be required to keep your elevators […]

You Have to Do an Elevator Modernization – Now What?

Now that you’ve decided to modernize your elevator, what next? Elevator modernization can be daunting and expensive for building owners and property managers. The first thing a building needs to do when faced with modernization is commit to a budget. Whether it’s a loan, allocated capital expenditure, or other scenario, the building must be sure […]

Things to Consider with an Elevator Maintenance Service Agreement: Frequency and Coverage

All buildings, whether hotels, retail stores, hospitals, universities, commercial real estate buildings, apartment buildings, condominium associations, malls, or other types, have an elevator service contract. At least they should all have one. An elevator maintenance service contract gives buildings a sense of comfort that their elevators, escalators, or lifts will be correctly serviced by the […]

Elevator Maintenance Checklist: What Building Owners Should Know   

As a building owner or property manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and reliability of your elevators. Regular elevator maintenance is essential to ensure smooth, safe operation, and to prolong the lifespan of your elevators.  Using an elevator maintenance checklist can help you stay on track. This checklist typically includes tasks and inspections to ensure […]

New Elevator Installation in an Existing Building

Installing a new elevator in an existing building structure that did not previously have an elevator is a complex endeavor that requires extensive planning and preparation. Several key factors must be considered such as the requirements of the building, building codes and regulations, shaft dimensions, and capacities, to name a few.  Selecting the appropriate elevator […]

Residential Elevators vs. Commercial Elevators: What Is the Difference?

Elevators have revolutionized the way we navigate multi-story buildings, providing efficient vertical transportation solutions for a variety of settings. The use of elevators in buildings over two stories such as hotels, hospitals, and airports is common. Elevators are also used in private residential homes, too. Even though they are the same in principle, there are […]

Elevator Challenges Parts Availability & Elevator Modernization

The phrases “You need to modernize,” “We can’t get your parts,” and “Your equipment is too old” have become all too familiar for owners and managers of buildings with elevators these days. It is prevalent across buildings of every size and affects organizations nationwide, prompting building owners and managers to seek solutions. So, what do […]

Behind-the-Scenes Value of Hiring an Elevator Consultant

Today, we are sharing an example that highlights the behind-the-scenes value of hiring an elevator consultant. Let’s set the stage – XYZ Building is a high-rise building located downtown with twenty-two elevators, managed by Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones has been struggling with increasing elevator maintenance costs and is frustrated by trying to decipher the elevator […]

Extravagant Prices in the Elevator Industry

In recent years, inflated pricing has become more common, raising concerns across numerous industries. This can be attributed to factors such as supply chain issues, a mixture of labor challenges, or just pure unfair pricing practices. While unethical business practices are commonly associated with essential goods during times of crisis, such as fuel, medicines, food, […]

Why Hire an Elevator Consultant

Property managers and building owners face ever-increasing challenges in optimizing building performance while maximizing return on investment. Elevators are an integral component of modern buildings and play a crucial role in the operations of the building including tenant satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall performance. To navigate this dynamic landscape and ensure optimal elevator performance, hiring […]

Elevators: An Area where Commercial Real Estate Can Cut Cost

Empty storefronts and offices are everywhere. The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing trend of offices shifting to remote work or hybrid arrangements has created unprecedented building vacancies. The CoStar Group reports that 12.9% of office space is vacant—an all-time high—and the office space availability rate is at an all-time high of […]

3 Ways Elevator Consulting Services Can Help in Today’s Economy

The news is splattered with the challenges commercial buildings are facing. The post-pandemic work-at-home trend leaves commercial real estate buildings with the same operating costs as before but less revenue. The Elevator Consultants clients are asking how elevator consulting services can help. Regarding elevators and escalators, there are a few steps property managers can review: […]

Buildings can solve their elevator issues with an elevator consultant

Elevators are pivotal to any building; therefore, it is imperative to keep them running. Today’s labor shortages make it even more challenging for buildings to maintain elevator service because elevators require specialized skills to maintain. Building managers have historically had concerns with elevators being serviced consistently, and with the current labor and economy, it has […]

Navigating the proposal process for elevator work

With increasing frequency, building property managers and owners are getting proposals for work to be done on their elevators. When this happens, buildings can often have several questions, such as these: Is this elevator proposal covered in my contract? This proposal is so expensive. Do I have to pay for this proposal? Is this scope […]

Out with the Old, In with the New: Strategies for Elevator Modernization

The lifespan of an elevator depends on many different factors, but on average, elevators can last at least 25 years. At some point, a building will need to consider if it’s time for elevator modernization. Elevator modernization consists of updating or replacing existing equipment and parts such as controllers, machines, and doors (among others). There are […]


In today’s times, the cliché doing more with less has never been so true; life just isn’t the same. We all wear multiple hats with less staff and more responsibilities while managing procedural changes and working within a budget. One significant opportunity to reduce your costs and headaches is to look at the elevators and […]