Elevator Expert Witness

Our expertise in all things concerning elevators, escalators, and moving walkways makes us qualified to be an expert witness. Our services benefit attorneys and insurance companies and helps them navigate complex elevator contracts and liabilities. We have been called upon to be a vertical transportation expert witness in many different disputes and litigation.

  • Elevator Expert WitnessAttorneys handling litigation surrounding accidents, disputes, and safety concerns rely on the Elevator Consultants’ expertise and knowledge of the equipment and the elevator industry to achieve just rulings. Our service as an expert witness leverages our decades of experience in all aspects of the vertical transportation industry and our professionalism to assist attorneys.
  • Insurance companies are faced with claims, lawsuits, and repair disputes. They turn to The Elevator Consultants for an economical engagement, while continuing to focus on safety. We understand the challenges insurance companies face and deliver quick and accurate findings to meet the client’s schedule.

The Elevator Consultants’ works with your team and follows all industry best practices. Each situation is different, and the value of a true elevator expert witness is to present facts and findings based on our depth of knowledge and industry expertise.

If you are looking for an elevator expert witness, The Elevator Consultants can help.