Elevator Inspections

The Elevator Consultants’ Certified Inspectors inspect all forms of vertical transportation:  elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters, and man lifts. Contracts often specify that Third Party Inspections are required and should be performed as needed. We are qualified to inspect new equipment or modernized equipment, and perform escalator step or skirt index testing. Both routine and periodic inspections are performed based on current code requirements and consider the time elapsed since the building’s last inspection.

Our expertise qualifies us to perform Third Party Inspections, Safety Inspections, and Performance Inspections. These all allow you to evaluate the quality of the work carried out by your elevator contractor. In addition, these inspections determine whether the equipment functions flawlessly. If the elevators are malfunctioning, our company recommends the required improvements and repairs.

The City of Chicago AIC, (Annual Inspection Certification,) requires buildings located in the City of Chicago business district to have an annual inspection. The Elevator Consultants can conduct the AIC for your location.