Elevator Traffic Analysis or Traffic Study

An elevator traffic analysis, also called a traffic study, is a critical component when designing new construction or evaluating an existing structure. The Elevator Consultants has found that this step is often overlooked during the design process, resulting in an overburdened elevator system and poor tenant experience. An elevator traffic study is performed to determine the anticipated elevator interval, the average wait time, and the handling capacity of a proposed elevator or vertical transportation schema. This applies to office buildings, universities, retailers, malls, hospitals, and residential buildings – any property with an elevator.

First, The Elevator Consultants conducts a needs analysis, gathering all the dimensions and metrics to analyze. Next, we propose the best elevator schemas. We use a proprietary methodology and algorithms that encompass all the components needed to develop an accurate scheme, considering the building’s current and future needs. Floor capacity, number of elevators, and arrival times are just a few metrics that must be analyzed to ensure that people are able to get to their destination in a safe and timely manner.

Once the elevator traffic analysis is completed there are numerous variables to analyze and we can help prioritize any necessary actions.