Elevator Cost Reduction

Elevator Cost Reduction

The number one issue driving up elevator costs for building owners is elevator maintenance contracts that aren’t being fulfilled. Elevator service providers have standard maintenance agreements that include terms for regular servicing and maintaining the equipment. This regular maintenance is critical for eliminating costly repairs, ending deferred maintenance, and for maintaining the life and safety of the equipment. In many cases — more than 80% of the time — the elevators do NOT receive the regular servicing that is already being paid for. As elevator equipment wears and eventually requires repair, elevator service providers are called and a bill is frequently sent to the building owner. What is endemic in this industry is a lack of awareness that in most cases the repairs are already covered in the elevator service agreement and could be avoided if proper maintenance was performed. Many building owners end up paying for costly repairs that they already pay for in their standard elevator maintenance contracts! This is the number one source of elevator costs that are completely unnecessary. If you are armed with the knowledge and expertise of an elevator consultant who understands these contracts, building owners can avoid these costs.

How can you tell if your elevator is being serviced?

How can you be sure your elevators are being serviced regularly (or at all)? The Elevator Consultants have developed an elevator monitoring software to track exactly this. It’s designed to reduce your repair & maintenance costs, protect your assets and make your building safer by monitoring the service visits and automating and logging the repairs, testing and inspection dates, callbacks and entrapments.

Elevators are an exceptionally expensive component of building ownership. Knowing when to rely on an expert is key to keeping your costs down, tenants happy and your equipment functioning safely.

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