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CHICAGO—May 14, 2019The Elevator Consultants (TEC), a leading global elevator consulting firm, has invited commentary from visitors, tenants, managers and building owners where they have experienced issues related to elevators, escalators, or lifts. If you have been stuck or hurt by an elevator or experienced significant delays and frustrations due to inoperative equipment, TEC wants to hear from you.

This call for comment is in response to a rash of elevator safety incidents across the country, highlighting the need for greater transparency and oversight of elevator maintenance.

People working and living in buildings with elevators constantly deal with problems such as equipment running too slow, making noise, doors opening and closing incorrectly, not levelling, getting stuck or being out of service. Whether the issues are caused by minor or systemic problems, they can cause major disruption in the daily lives of riders. Further, riders often have no recourse when they experience these frustrations.

TEC wants to invite people to share their stories, bringing attention to an often-overlooked issue that nonetheless affects thousands of people every day. Anyone who has been on an elevator, escalator or lift and experienced an issue let us know. You are entitled to have a safe and comfortable experience. Tell us about your experience: https://theelevatorconsultant.com/share-your-elevator-incident-and-or-elevator-accident

TEC offers the following pieces of advice to anyone who is concerned about the safety or operability of an elevator, escalator, or lift in a building:
● If you experience a problem, contact the building owner or property manager to document the details.
● If it happens often, report every occurrence. It will be helpful to know the frequency of the problem, and can encourage a quick resolution.
● If your building does not already use an elevator consultant or have an elevator monitoring software encourage them as this is the 21st century and there are technologies which can assistant a building.

The preventative maintenance that would reduce the rate of these incidents and extend the life of the equipment is very often not happening as contracted because neither buildings nor their tenants have the necessary oversight. Elevator monitoring technology like TEC’s ElevatorApp can help buildings to ensure they are receiving the maintenance they pay for, keeping tenants’ lives running smoothly.

Find out how The Elevator Consultants and the ElevatorApp can help keep your buildings out of these stories, visit www.theelevatorconsultant.com.