Solve Elevator Issues

There are many options for Your Hotel

Stop the day to day monotony

Let an elevator expert be your advocate to protect your investments, buildings, and clients.


Define the concern


Develop a plan


Implement the solution

The Elevator Consultants (TEC) provides hotel owners with the information they need to solve all their elevator concerns. If your elevator is making noise or not leveling or doors not working right, if you want to know if something is covered in your contract, if you want to know why you did not pass inspection, if you are having problems with your elevator and need help, if you are buying a property and want to know the elevator issues, if you need an elevator upgrade, if you have just an elevator question call The Elevator Consultants. 


We are not elevator experts and working with The Elevator Consultants gives us the confidence to know what is included in our service and what needs to be done to our elevators.

Amber J.


I do what I am good at and leaving the elevators to TEC allows me to focus on my core business.

Jason G.

Wright Investments

The Elevator Consultants are a necessity for any elevator project or any elevator or escalator questions.

Ladd M.


The Elevator Consultants have been instrumental in helping with our elevator service, repairs, audits, due diligence. The value they bring is significant to any portfolio. Working with an elevator consultant is a imperative when you have elevators.

Jim C.

Franklin Partners