The Elevator Consultants Releases The Elevator Playbook to Help Building Owners and Property Managers Keep Their Elevators & Escalators Operationally Efficient

CHICAGO—December 13, 2019—The Elevator Consultants has created a playbook offering step-by-step guidance for building owners and property managers to assist in managing their elevators, escalators and other vertical transportation equipment. The Elevator Playbook is packed with information and everything you always wanted to know and things you should know about your vertical transportation.
When elevators go down, it can create anything from inconvenience to outright havoc for the people who occupy, visit, own or manage the building. Often the people most affected by elevator operational downtime have limited insight into how that equipment is managed and maintained. That is typically because this equipment is highly specialized and mechanically complex.
The Elevator Consultants aims to change that by empowering buildings with the information they need to assist in keeping their elevators running smoothly and efficiently. The Elevator Playbook was created from decades of specialized vertical transportation experience and contains vital information including:
• how to analyze your service records for actionable information, and the importance of keeping your own record of maintenance.
• how to understand service contracts and the key terms and conditions you need to protect the building, tenants and ownership
• how to determine if your elevator performance is within industry standards and methodologies to track performance including usage, downtimes, entrapments and other issues.
• how to stay on top of code requirements which is crucial for elevator safety and avoiding costly noncompliance fees.
• how to know your equipment and get some working knowledge of your equipment so you can make the best decisions for it.

The Elevator Playbook breaks down the complexities of vertical transportation management so building owners and property managers can be on a more level playing field when it comes to vertical transportation. By providing information and industry knowledge, trends, research, emerging technology and more, The Elevator Consultants gives building personnel the confidence to make decisions and alleviate concerns about day-to-day vertical transportation operations.
Why worry about your elevators when you can get to know them, visit to request a copy of The Elevator Playbook, and for more information on how The Elevator Consultants can help you with you elevator management needs, please visit

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