A Game-Changing Elevator Audit for a Nationwide Real Estate Firm

A Game-Changing Elevator Audit for a Nationwide Real Estate Firm

Navigating Elevator Management Across the Country

At The Elevator Consultants (TEC), we understand that managing elevators in a diverse portfolio of properties across the country is no easy feat. This was precisely the challenge faced by a nationwide commercial real estate firm, managing 180 units. Regular elevator inspections were failing, and maintenance inefficiencies were causing not just financial strain but also safety concerns. This case study illustrates how our expert audit turned their situation around, setting new standards in elevator management.

The Predicament: Uncovering Hidden Inefficiencies

The firm’s predicament involved two major challenges: an alarming rate of failed mandatory safety inspections and a noticeable lack of proper maintenance. Burdened with a plethora of invoices, work orders, and service records, the firm struggled to determine the legitimacy and adequacy of the maintenance activities.

TEC’s Comprehensive Approach

Faced with these challenges, the firm engaged TEC for an extensive audit of their elevator systems. Our goal was to thoroughly examine the elevators across all units, assessing compliance with safety standards and evaluating the effectiveness of ongoing maintenance. A key part of our role was to review all data provided to validate the inadequacies in the service being offered by their elevator service providers.

Startling Discoveries and Actionable Insights

Our audit unveiled significant inefficiencies: 40% of the elevators had overdue testing, and 70% were not maintained annually, leading to over $41,000 in fines for failed inspections. These revelations were not just frustrating but also eye-opening for the firm, offering them actionable data to address their longstanding issues.

Client’s Transformation

Following our comprehensive report, the firm implemented a rigorous program of corrective measures. Working closely with their elevator service providers, they ensured overdue maintenance was promptly addressed. With TEC’s guidance, they also implemented a structured program to hold the service providers accountable, instituting stringent oversight and quality checks for all future maintenance activities.

Achieving Long-Term Success

The firm’s collaboration with TEC evolved into an ongoing commitment. Through regular quarterly meetings and consultations, we ensured continuous improvement and compliance. This proactive approach led to a dramatic reduction in unnecessary maintenance and inspection fees by 90% over a nine-month period, significantly enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of their elevator systems.

Elevator Excellence with TEC

This case study highlights the transformative impact of a professional elevator audit in the commercial real estate sector. At The Elevator Consultants, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of elevator management, ensuring safety, efficiency, and financial prudence. Contact us to discover how we can assist you in elevating your property’s elevator management to new heights.

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