The Conflicts of Interest Inherent in Elevator Consulting

The Conflicts of Interest Inherent in Elevator Consulting

Here’s a common scenario we run into as elevator consultants. You might cause it a “conflict of interest” problem. It goes like this.

First, the client says, “We have multiple bids for our elevator project now what???” This is a very common situation when doing an elevator repair, elevator code upgrade, new installation of elevator, entering into a new elevator service maintenance contract or an elevator modernization. Whatever the situation may be we like to compare to a situation you may have been in like the following:

Imagine you’re redoing your kitchen. Do you let the general contractor tell you what you should do? OR if you’re buying a car. Do you allow the car salesman to tell you what you need?

Elevator ConsultingIt is very common that the building owners, investor, property manager, building engineer, or facility managers and others allow the elevator service provider to tell them what they need. It would seem obvious since they are the service provider and they know the business. This results in multiple proposals that are not the same or equal. You are left with comparing Apples to Cauliflower, not even in the same food group.

Elevator Consulting: Conflicts of Interest

As a matter of fact it is very common for building owners, investor, property manager, building engineer, or facility managers to rely on the elevator service providers which allows the service provider to have FULL control the project. Yet building owners, investors,  property managers,  building engineers, or facility managers are simply not knowledgeable about the elevators, escalators, or lifts. Why would they be? They have not been provided training on the intricacies of the elevator industry and may not even know if their elevators are hydraulic or traction, geared traction or gearless traction.

Whether you have one elevator or thousands of elevators in your elevator portfolio, this is a very expensive proposition. Allowing the elevator service companies to dictate exactly what they need is a shot in the dark.  Building owners, investor, property manager, building engineer, or facility managers can easily overcome this by simply having a statement or work or a specification for the project. This will allow you to compare apples to apple or cauliflower to cauliflower and most importantly saving the building unnecessary cost, time and headaches.

The elevator companies are not required to tell you everything that is needed to be done for an upgrade for maintenance for modernization. In fact, the contract that they supply clients simply say “terms and conditions” that are favorable to them, i.e., the elevator companies. So whether you’re making a $10,000 investment or 10 million dollar investment, why wouldn’t you make sure that you’re getting exactly what your building needs? Contact an elevator consultant or a lift consultant who can help you through this process. This extremely economical way saves you cost, time, and material up front. When you are contracting for any of these services – a repair, an upgrade, a code upgrade, a modernization, etc. – an elevator consulting firm will lay out the complete scope of work so there are no surprises for the job.

In summary, an independent expert can help you avoid the “conflicts of interest” that may be inherent in using the same company that does the repairs or upgrades to advise you on what needs to be done.