Elevator Issues Are Common– And What You Can Do About It

As a building owner or property manager, you’ve likely faced the frustration of dealing with elevator issues. Complaints such as “My elevator service provider isn’t showing up,” “The elevator is down again,” or “Why am I getting invoices for services I don’t understand?” are all too common. At The Elevator Consultants, we hear these concerns daily. And we understand the critical role that reliable elevator service plays in your building’s operation and tenant satisfaction.

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The Scope of the Problem

Elevator problems aren’t isolated to your building alone. These issues are prevalent across various sectors, from commercial properties and hospitals to residential complexes and hotels. Common complaints include:

  • No show from the service provider: After making multiple calls the service provider does not show up
  • Bad service: The service provider will show up and not fix the problem, the problem consistently persists.
  • Elevator Downtime: Frequent outages disrupt operations and inconvenience tenants.
  • Noisy Operations: Excessive noise can be a sign of underlying mechanical problems.
  • Inconsistent Performance: Jerky movements or slow responses can be alarming and uncomfortable for passengers.
  • Billing Confusion: Receiving unclear invoices for services can lead to unexpected costs.
  • Unreliable Service Providers Contract: Buildings have contracts with the elevator service provider and they are not receiving service.

Common Elevator Complaints and Solutions

Here are some of the most common complaints we hear and how we help building owners address them. There are a few approaches however in all cases the building must do some proactive easy measures. Like documenting electronically the issues which is a click of a button yet imperative to address the concerns. Some of the common issues are:

1. No show from the service provider

It is extremely frustrating for a building to have issues with their elevator, have a maintenance service agreement, and then call for service and the service provider does not show up. The building must document these actions. These actions will give you the information to go back to the service provider with information.

2. Bad Service

It is quite common for a building to call for service when they are having elevators issues. The technician shows up does something and then leaves sometimes saying the elevator is fixed and sometimes just leaving. The building is left being in the same situation. The building must document was done so they are not charged for the service since nothing was fixed.

3. Elevators Frequently Down

Elevator downtime is a significant disruption to operations, inconvenience tenants, and even pose safety risks. The key to minimizing downtime is proactive maintenance and swift, competent repairs. The key to minimizing downtime is proactive maintenance and swift, competent repairs. A few approaches are to hire an elevator consultant to conduct an audit of your service provider’s work to ensure they adhere to best practices and industry standards. As you can see record keeping can help to find trends and have the problem resolved.

4. Noisy Elevators

Unusual noises can indicate minor to serious issues with mechanical components. An elevator consultant offers expert evaluations to pinpoint. The source of the noise and suggest precise corrective actions, such as lubricating moving parts or replacing worn-out components. The building should also record the noise when it happens, where it happens which can help with troubleshooting.

5. Slow or Inconsistent Performance

Jerky or slow elevator performance and mis-leveling can be caused by various factors. An elevator consultant can assess the system and viewing the detailed records the building has been keeping can aid in the troubleshooting.

6. Confusing Invoices

Understanding complex invoices are extremely difficult. Buildings try to decipher these on their own, and they are complex for a non-elevator person to understand. Also, an elevator consultant can help by reviewing the invoices, ensuring you’re only paying for necessary and correctly performed services. They can also negotiate repair quotes to ensure fair pricing.

7. Unreliable Service Providers

If your elevator service provider is not meeting expectations, an elevator consultant can step in to manage these relationships. They can ensure providers adhere to contractual obligations and deliver the required services.

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Your Options as a Building Owner

Given these challenges, what can you do to ensure your elevators are in top working condition? Here are some actionable steps:

  • Recordkeeping: Keeping detailed records that the building owns is key. It is common for buildings to rely on elevator service providers and it is recommended for a building to have their own records.
  • Service Audits: Conduct a service audit of your elevator systems and service provider performance to ensure maintenance is up to standard which can be done by an elevator consultant.
  • Engage an Elevator Consultant: Partnering with a consultant like The Elevator Consultants can provide expert guidance and oversight. Services are designed based on the building’s needs which include maintenance specifications, bid processes, project management, and compliance checks.

Elevator issues are a common challenge for building owners, but they don’t have to be a constant headache. By taking a proactive approach and partnering with experts, you can ensure your elevators are reliable, safe, and efficiently maintained. At The Elevator Consultants, we’re here to help you navigate these challenges with confidence and peace of mind. If you’re dealing with any of these issues or simply want to ensure your elevators are in the best possible condition, contact us today. Let’s elevate your building’s performance together.

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