Elevator services overcharges

Elevator services overcharges

Today it is common for elevator consulting firms to witness several companies being overcharged for elevator services. Overcharges have always been common throughout the years, however in present times – it is a daily occurrence. It has always been common in certain industries, but has become a daily occurrence in all industries – whether it be a hospital, a hotel, a retailer, or a commercial property that is being overcharged. The overcharge reasons might be for overtime labor, missed preventative maintenance, parts, unnecessary repairs, travel time, or repairs that are already covered in your contract. Those elevator services may be justified, but often times the amount being charged is rarely accurate. When managing a building that has an elevator, escalator, or lift, busy property managers, general managers, portfolio managers, asset managers, building engineers, building owners, (or whatever your title or role maybe) must review their elevator information carefully. An elevator service contract that has been given to you may be difficult to comprehend unless you are an elevator expert that deals with elevator issues daily. Elevator consulting firms exist because the elevator industry is difficult for common building professionals to be adequately knowledgeable on the subject. Elevators, escalators, and lifts have always been a mechanical conundrum within a building, and there are several things that a building professional should know in order to safeguard the building from paying expensive over charges.

Over ninety percent of buildings with elevators have a maintenance service agreement that was presented by the service provider and signed by the building. That percentage is an estimate based on what The Elevator Consultants repeatedly observes. Although we believe it is higher since our clients are working with a consulting firm. Many times, buildings sign these contracts without being aware that they have another option: They can have a maintenance agreement specification written by an elevator consulting firm, or they can utilize the elevatorapp.com website and have one created. The fee for an elevator maintenance service agreement specification that favors the building and its operations is well worth the cost. Over charges are eliminated and costs are contained, so the return on investment is almost always immediate, and a contract written for the building is easier to comprehend and drafted with terms that are in line with a specific building.

If you have a contract that has been executed by the service provider, it is crucial that you understand it. The contract will incorporate language that declares what is included, excluded, and what the elevator service contract will provide. When a proposal or invoice is received from the service provider, the building will need to review it carefully in order to verify if the service that you’re being charged for is included in the contract. If it is in the contract, then you will know that its covered and there should be no charge to you. If it’s not covered in your contract, you’ll be charged for the cost of any materials used as well as the labor to do the install or repair. The building should also scrutinize the labor rates and time for the repair to make certain that the charges are accurate. You will be able to determine the amount of time it for the install or repair by referring to the logs that you are keeping at your building. This is such a simple task that can save a building a significant amount of money and should always be done.. The elevatorapp.com automates the process and simplifies things making these tasks remarkably easy. These simple, upfront tasks can help protect the building from being overcharged on elevators. It is important to realize that while its common for buildings to rely on their elevator service provider, the code dictates that the responsibility ultimately lies with the building owner. The building owner is required to have records of all maintenance.

In today’s world, there are many unprecedent things going on that no one could have ever predicted, resulting in various stresses laid upon everyone and everything. The elevator industry is certainly not

the only industry that is being exposed to overcharges, and the overcharges can happen for numerous reasons – including simple human or computer error, and inquiring about it may get the charges eliminated if they were in fact charged in error. If a building is faced with a confusing proposal or invoice, they can always reach out to an elevator consulting firm at any time. The Elevator Consultants will always let the building know in advance if they can be help a building with their elevator issues. The building will have to spend some money to save a significant amount of money, but the savings will pay for any consulting fees in no time at all. A building professional has an extreme work load – and elevators, escalators, and lifts should not have to be a part of it.