Behind-the-Scenes Value of Hiring an Elevator Consultant

Behind-the-Scenes Value of Hiring an Elevator Consultant

Today, we are sharing an example that highlights the behind-the-scenes value of hiring an elevator consultant. Let’s set the stage – XYZ Building is a high-rise building located downtown with twenty-two elevators, managed by Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones has been struggling with increasing elevator maintenance costs and is frustrated by trying to decipher the elevator contracts from his service provider. He wants to hire an elevator consultant to provide impartial insight into the state of the building’s elevators, what is needed to improve them, understand how to navigate the service contract to be sure the building was getting what it paid for, and help with designing a plan moving forward.

If Mr. Jones were to hire an elevator consultant, they would first review the elevator service contract. During this review, they shed light on hidden costs and terms that favored the elevator service provider. The elevator consultant provides data that gives the building insights to eliminate unnecessary charges for the building, service providers’ responsibility, and increase services.

Next, the consultant would perform a thorough assessment of the elevators’ condition and identify areas for improvement. These recommendations can prolong the need for a costly elevator modernization or upgrade while improving efficiency and reducing breakdowns pending the equipment type.

Working from the elevator consultant’s recommendations, Mr. Jones would then implement an elevator maintenance action plan to include recording routine service to mitigate repairs. The goal of this plan would be to decrease elevator downtime and callbacks, reduce disruptions for tenants, and minimize the need for costly repairs.

In this scenario, Mr. Jones is also managing the elevator service provider, which leads to gaps in communication and delays in service. The elevator consultant will help streamline vendor management to ensure the contract is being adhered to by the service provider and that Mr. Jones is getting the service for which he is paying.

In addition, the elevator consultant will conduct an audit to ensure contract compliance to aid in passing the authority having jurisdiction inspections mitigating the risk of fines and legal expenses. Because an elevator consultant is an impartial expert, XYZ Building should experience significant cost savings and operational improvements when they implement an elevator consultant’s recommendations.

Hiring an elevator consultant is an expense for the building, that is true. However, it is an expense that can lead to substantial cost savings and is a fitting example of a time when a building owner should spend money to save money. Elevator consultants provide contract review and renegotiation, identify inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities, preventive maintenance implementations, and streamlined vendor management, and can prove to be a wise investment for property managers and building owners.