What Is An Elevator Consultant?

Upon hearing the term “Elevator consultant,” one might wonder what the title specifically entails. Generally, a consultant is someone who is hired to fix or improve a component of their client’s business. The Elevator Consultants are brought in to ensure that the elevator equipment in a client’s building is functioning properly and according to the contract. In addition to assessing basic functionality.

The Elevator Consultant deals with the elevator companies to determine whether or not they are meeting the terms of their contracts and servicing each elevator appropriately as required by each building. We have specific expertise in the areas of elevator maintenance, analysis, modernization, repairs, new installations, insurance reviews, safety specifications, elevator codes, as well as state and federal regulations.

Cost Effective

The Elevator Consultants offer cost-effective ways of stabilizing the overall performance of vertical transportation equipment by seeking out measures of preventative maintenance. This is guaranteed to save the client money on their equipment. Audits are highly effective in determining the current conditions of all elevator equipment. Audits, in turn, highlight the necessary areas of maintenance. In relation to the elevator company’s obligations to the equipment via contracts. The auditing process utilized by The Elevator Consultants allows the client to hold their service provider accountable. For their responsibilities and ultimately give the client peace of mind about the safety and lifespan of their elevator equipment. They offer more services such as invoice reconciliation, modernization specifications, and new construction specifications. Maintenance specifications, audits, new code upgrades, violation resolution, general elevator questions, and many other services.

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