As the owner or manager of a building with elevators, one of your top priorities is keeping your elevators running efficiently, safely and reliably. But when problems arise, many owners simply call their elevator service provider right away to fix the issue. While this may seem like the fastest solution, there are usually additional measures that need to be taken. Here’s why it pays to contact an independent elevator consultant.

Get an Unbiased Second Opinion

Elevator manufacturers and repair companies have an inherent bias – they make money by selling equipment and services. An elevator consultant has no financial stake and can provide an objective, expert opinion on the best solution for your unique situation. Their insights help ensure you don’t overpay or invest in the wrong repairs.

Evaluate All Options

A good consultant will thoroughly assess the elevator’s condition and usage. Then they explore all options your operation may need.

Enjoy Long-Term Cost Savings

Band-aid repairs often lead to ongoing issues, whereas a consultant helps you implement the right long-term solution. This prevents frequent outages, improves safety, and ultimately saves substantial costs over years of further operation. The consultant’s fee is a wise investment.

Access Specialized Expertise

Elevator consultants are experts in codes, equipment, maintenance, and the elevator industry. They have insights beyond repair companies’ scope of understanding. Tapping into their expertise gives you a tremendous advantage in planning the strategy.

Prevent Future Problems

There’s usually an underlying reason for an elevator breakdown. Consultants do root cause analysis rather than just addressing surface symptoms. They can identify numerous elevator issues like improper service and recommend changes to prevent problems from recurring.
Providing safe, reliable vertical transportation is critical for your tenants and building visitors. Don’t leave it to chance – contact an expert elevator consultant first. Their guidance delivers substantial ROI and peace of mind that you’re making informed decisions. Your occupants will thank you for a smooth elevator experience.

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