Elevator Consulting for Hospitals: Some Thoughts

Among the industries that are most in need of elevator consulting is the hospital industry. We have found in our work that often times hospital elevators and escalators are grossly neglected.

Keeping Your Elevators and Escalators in Top Gear

Construction Review Online posted a great article regarding the preventative maintenance of elevators and escalators. The article goes into great detail about the responsibilities of building owners in terms of their vertical transportation equipment, the safety code for elevators and escalators and the importance of having an accurate and up-to-date Maintenance Control Plan (MCP) for […]

Excessive Elevator Maintenance Charges

An elevator maintenance contract is a vital piece to the upkeep of all vertical transportation/elevator equipment. The terms and conditions of a maintenance contract can quite literally make or break the life of the equipment. Elevator maintenance contracts are written by the elevator service provider with terms and conditions in their own favor. Most building […]

Elevator Inspections vs. Elevator Testing vs. Elevator Audits

In the elevator and escalator industry, “inspection,”   “testing” and “audit” are terms commonly used interchangeably yet, in reality, they are quite different. An elevator inspection or escalator inspection is typically performed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The purpose of an inspection is to evaluate whether or not all elevator equipment and its related counterparts […]

Elevator ADA Requirements

Many people have heard about the horrifying story of the woman who died in an elevator in the Chinese city of Xi’an. What makes it even more disturbing; however, is the fact that the woman had been in the elevator for over a month before being found. The elevator mechanics had cut off power to […]

Elevator Service Trends for Building Owners

Building owners are paying for service that they are not receiving. Today it is very common for buildings to have an elevator preventative maintenance contract and not to receive said preventative maintenance. Elevators are being neglected. Elevators have been commonly referred to as the “black hole” within a building. The building relies on the elevator […]